[Freeswitch-users] Double NAT

k k at vodka.home.kg
Wed Sep 10 16:33:02 MSD 2014

Hi, all !

I'm looking for update to the problem mentioned here :

Doublenat with eyebeam/snom :

Eyebeam/snom1 <> NAT <> Internet <> NAT <> FS


Eyebeam/snom2 <> Internet <> NAT <> FS

Both "work" with audio both ways. snom1 could call snom2 and vice versa and also other phones on the LAN. Found that call is hung up with a "BYE" from FS stating reason is "ACK timeout" although "ACK" was being received at FS (and there was still audio, so shouldn't be due to RTP timeouts). Not sure if this is due to some wrong setup etc. Will update once it is clear. Eyebeam had stun enabled. FS had stun disabled and autonat enabled. Router was netgear FVS318 wireless. Same issue with snom 320 as well.

I'm experiencing exact the same thing with the following scheme :

eyebeam <> NAT <> FS <> NAT <> eyebeam
stun   and   ice   are  enabled  on  eyebeam,  FS  is  configured  for
inbound_bypass_media, TLS, SRTP
works well until both clients behind nat. Experience random hangups in
several seconds .. several minutes

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