[Freeswitch-users] Video calls over SIP

Norman Laidla norman.laidla at telegrupp.ee
Mon Sep 8 10:55:03 MSD 2014

Good day,

I've been setting up a video conferencing system in our office. We have a Cisco SX-20 set that we intend to use, but so far, there's been little in the way of progress. In short, video calls don't work.

Here's what I'm working with: a Debian server running the latest stable FreeSWITCH build, two laptops with Zoiper and the Cisco SX-20. Audio-only calls work without a hitch, problems arise when I try to start the video stream. The only way to get any kind of image to reach one endpoint from another is to set FS to bypass media and make a video call between my laptop and the SX-20, in which case the outgoing feed from the laptop reaches the SX-20 as a jumbled mess of colors and the occasional still frame. Setting FS to proxy media allows no video to reach the SX-20 and causes a loopback in both laptops. The default setting doesn't do video at all.

Funny thing is, if the call is originated from the SX-20, its control panel shows an outgoing video stream, but nothing ever reaches the other endpoint. I'm beginning to think that doing a video conferencing setup with FreeSWITCH is a fool's errand. If anyone has done something of the sort before, I would welcome your advice.

Best regards,
Norman Laidla
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