[Freeswitch-users] Can't register more than one user to freeswitch

Iskren Hadzhinedev iskren.hadzhinedev at ikiji.com
Thu Sep 4 11:48:05 MSD 2014

Hi Snabel,
Can you try replacing the domain name with $${local_ip_v4} and verify that the file 
with your users is located in freeswitch/conf/directory ?
If it’s in a subdirectory (e.g. freeswitch/conf/directory/default) it won’t load correctly. 
The other thing you might want to check is the freeswitch/log/freeswitch.xml.fsxml  
file, as that holds the parsed configuration from FreeSWITCH. Check if your 
directory is loaded like this:
<section name=”directory” description=”User Directory”>
  <!--the domain or ip (the right hand side of the @ in the addr-->
    <domain name="x.x.x.1">
            <group name="Lexifone">
                    <user id="1111">
                            <param name="password" value="1111"/>
                    <user id="2222">
                            <param name="password" value="2222"/>
                    <user id="3333">
                            <param name="password" value="3333"/>
                    <user id="4444">
                            <param name="password" value="4444"/>
If that’s fine too, you might want to check is the output of the “sofia status” 
command and see if you have an aliased domain named “x.x.x.1”. If you don’t, you 
might want to put <domain name="all" alias="true" parse=”false”/> in your 
freeswitch/conf/sip_profiles/internal.xml (if it’s not there already) and issue “reload 
mod_sofia” or “sofia profile internal rescan”.
Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
*Iskren Hadzhinedev*

OK, I've created one XML file called it users.xml, deleted the previous ones and 
restarted freeswitch 

*now i get the same error for all users...*

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[Freeswitch-users] Can't register more than one user to freeswitch

you need once to define the domain <domain name="x.x.x.1"> and the 2 users must 
be within it.
i guess its not working now 'cause you removed both domain tags.

On Wed, Sep 3, 2014 at 9:54 AM, Snabel Kabiya <snabel at lexifone.com[3]> wrote:


now i can't register both of them and i get the error for both users. 



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