[Freeswitch-users] RTP issue

Miha miha at softnet.si
Tue Oct 21 16:09:56 MSD 2014


first question, was any bug reported in version :FreeSWITCH Version 
1.4.8+git~20140910T181155Z~9f72b11892~64bit (git 9f72b11 2014-09-10 
18:11:55Z 64bit)
  for RTP?

A lot of users are reporting that media stops in about 1:30 of the call. 
First I thought that is was NAT issue but now I noticed that this was 
not the case as this UAC's are connected via direct tunnel to 
Freeswitch, so this is not an issue.

Problem is that in the middle of the call, exactly at 1:30 FS sends new 
request (INVITE) to uac, uac replay back with 200ok and media stops (sdp 
seems to be ok).

What could be an issue, with 1.2 I did not have this issue.


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