[Freeswitch-users] Peer Identity outdated after SIP transfer

jcabezas at inovax.com.br jcabezas at inovax.com.br
Fri Oct 17 14:28:06 MSD 2014



 When user A blind-transfers user B to user C (using standard REFER
signaling) Freeswitch does the transfer and B then talks with C, that's
 But B's UA still keeps displaying A as the peer and not C, as would be

 I need that information to be displayed up-to-date in the transferee
 How can that be achieved ?
 - A proxy-like way of dealing with transfer signaling can be enabled in
FS ?
 - Any specific signaling for updating peer identity, between Freeswitch
and transferee, can be enabled in FS?


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