[Freeswitch-users] Disabling autonat/external access

Charles Colbourn charles.colbourn at ovic.co.uk
Thu Oct 16 20:11:59 MSD 2014


I'm currently trying to use a local instance of freeswitch as a test/dev
environment for embedding voice & video in an application. It's version
1.5.12b 32bit running on windows 7.

The trouble is, nothing I do seems to prevent it from opening access to the
outside world, so I'm ending up with loads of attempts to register from My config is currently in a hacked/broken state such that
they can't authenticate (and I've changed the passwords anyway), but it's a
damn nuisance. 

I've tried adding



-nonat -nonatmap

to the startup parameters. I've commented out the 

<param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="auto-nat"/> <param name="ext-sip-ip"

values in both external and interal sip profiles (and renamed the external
one to a non xml extension so it doesn't get read).

I've also tried setting those parameters to invalid values. I've searched
over and over and dug through documentation. Nothing seems to work, this
external connection still keeps trying to authenticate with various
extension numbers. Please, am I missing something obvious here or something?
It seems strange that it would be so difficult to lock the thing down for




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