[Freeswitch-users] is callee/caller id update possible if a call is already answered?

Hristo Trendev dist.lists at gmail.com
Fri Oct 10 19:12:12 MSD 2014


Does FS support caller and callee id updates when a call leg is already
answered? The following test cases didn't work for me:

== Case 1 ==

A sends an invite to FS and is bridge to B as follows (pseudo dial plan
answer <-- this is important
sleep 500ms

B sends a P-Asserted-Identity header in the 180 Ringing, which is detected
by FS because it prints in the CLI: "Update Callee ID to "B" <123>"

However, no sip message is sent on the A-leg, which I suspect is due to the
fact that the A-leg is already answered.

== Case 2 ==

I use originate to call A and when A answers the call, I bridge it to B:
originate sofia/internal/A at &bridge(sofia/internal/B at

Again B send a PAI header in the 180 Ringing and again FS prints a "Update
Callee ID to "B" <123>" line in the log, however nothing is ever sent to A.

== Case 3 ==

1. A is connected to a conference (call is active)
2. During the call, A sends a re-invite with P-Asserted-Identity header,
which contains the updated caller id information.
3. This doesn't seem to be supported at all, because the CID remains
unchanged and nothing interesting is printed in the CLI.

My question is: are these cases (or maybe some of them) actually
supported/implemented or am I doing something wrong? I am testing with a
vanilla freeswitch configuration, no changes whatsoever.

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