[Freeswitch-users] Incoming call ignored by SIP client

Gavin Hamill gavin at bashton.com
Fri Oct 10 17:45:54 MSD 2014


Many thanks for the reply - I have now solved this issue thanks to your

The plot thickened with client logging for QuteCom. This occurs every time
an INVITE is received

(error) 14:04:04 [PhApi] : osip:
Could not set header: "from" "None
(error) 14:04:04 [PhApi] : osip:
End of header Not found
(error) 14:04:04 [PhApi] : osip:
error in msg_headers_parse()
(error) 14:04:04 [PhApi] : osip:
could not parse message
(error) 14:04:04 [PhApi] : osip:
/build/qutecom-u8vPAW/qutecom-2.2.1+dfsg1/wifo/eXosip/src/udp.c:2569: Could
not parse SIP message

Looking at the first few lines of the INVITE, I see this:

INVITE sip:106 at SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bK0DN82p3e63jZm
Max-Forwards: 67
From: "None
" <sip:07951357XXX at freeswitch.bashton.eu>;tag=7ZjyU00tv7mFr

That makes sense now since the "None" is split over two lines causing the
parse error. I then went back to the dialplan and remembered that I set up

       <action application="set"

where the cidlookup service was a small Python CGI script running on
localhost. As it turned out, the output from this service included a
line-feed after the caller name, and this was directly fed into the INVITE
headers, confusing the SIP client.

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