[Freeswitch-users] mod_voicemail prompt nitpick from a user - prompt order is flipped around

Nathan Neulinger nneul at mst.edu
Fri Oct 10 00:15:58 MSD 2014

Got a report from a user that is more 'support' oriented related to recording voicemail greetings.

He noticed that the prompt ordering is flipped in the config menu - everything else in voicemail is:

	to do A press X
	to do B press Y
	to do C press Z

	"to record a greeting press 1"

but as soon as you record a greeting, they flip around to:

	press X to do A

	"press 1 to listen to recording"
	"press 2 to save recording"

His comment was that if you are paying attention to the "result -> action", you can get confused and wind up trying to 
press 3 to save your greeting instead of pressing 2.

It's this in the vm lang macros:

   <macro name="voicemail_record_file_check">
     <input pattern="^([0-9#*]):([0-9#*]):([0-9#*])$">
         <action function="play-file" data="voicemail/vm-press.wav"/>
         <action function="say" data="$1" method="pronounced" type="name_spelled"/>
         <action function="play-file" data="voicemail/vm-listen_to_recording.wav"/>
         <action function="play-file" data="voicemail/vm-press.wav"/>
         <action function="say" data="$2" method="pronounced" type="name_spelled"/>
         <action function="play-file" data="voicemail/vm-save_recording.wav"/>
         <action function="play-file" data="voicemail/vm-press.wav"/>
         <action function="say" data="$3" method="pronounced" type="name_spelled"/>
         <action function="play-file" data="voicemail/vm-rerecord.wav"/>

I can certainly fix this locally, but would there be any objection to a commit to flip these around so the prompts are 
consistently ordered throughout mod_voicemail by default?

-- Nathan

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