[Freeswitch-users] Using fs_encode on G722 audio produces half speed wav file

Michael Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Thu Oct 9 03:15:34 MSD 2014

For those of you familiar with the fs_encode tool I have a question - I can
run it on a G722 raw file (such as is produced when using tshark to extract
the RTP stream) and it produces a perfect wav file at exactly half speed.

I'm using basic syntax:
#>fs_encode raw_audio.G722 output.wav

Looking at fs_encode's options I tried using -r to specify the sampling
rate, but that seems to apply to the input on the codec and anything other
than 8000 produces an error.

Has anyone used fs_encode to decode G722 (or any other exotic codec) with
success? I appreciate your input.


P.S. - doing #>sox slow_audio.wav normal_audio.wav speed 2.0 will "fix" the
file, so I'm not totally dead in the water. I was just curious if I was
possibly not using fs_encode properly. :)
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