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Jerry Allen jerry.allen at vistabeam.com
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Hi Michael,


Other than a 1:1 mapping to “lower the confusion level” or the user asking why does it “say extension” or the confusion when user 3035551717 in domain xxx.com calls user 4035551212 in xxx.com and the caller id says 1005 (fixed this one already) or the headers in a voicemail say extension 1005. No particular reason. Fortunately, I am trying to get away from asterisk (using freepbx) onto a better platform however I am hitting obstacles and this one I can’t seem to configure around. Of course, asterisk allowed this 10 digit extension usage so I have a lot of ATA already out there with accounts using their 10 digit DID as the sip registration etc.


Jerry Allen


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I'm sure this is doable with the right combination of conditions in your extensions, but before you do all of that I think many here would want to know: why a 10-digit extension? Does that give you a specific advantage of some kind?



On Tue, Oct 7, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Jerry Allen <jerry.allen at vistabeam.com <mailto:jerry.allen at vistabeam.com> > wrote:

For a public voip server, I would like to use the 10 digit DID for the extension and be able to route all non-local DID out to my gateway(s). Is it possible to use the PSTN DID as the SIP extension? I do not find any information concerning this. I understand DID > extension as long as extension matches the predefined <extension name="Local_Extension"> destination_number expression. The  issue is using a 10 digit extension collides with the 10 digit routing to my gateway and loops.

Jerry Allen

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