[Freeswitch-users] Caller ID

Blake Priddy bpriddy at bryantschools.org
Thu Oct 2 20:29:56 MSD 2014

So could someone point me in the right direction on the term I need to look
for. Here is the scenario, I have 2 extensions (not really, way more) when
I call the other extension lets say 1001 I want it to show the caller ID on
my screen that shows when they call me. When they call me it shows their
name and extension. But when the caller calls the callee it only shows what
you dialed which is the extension. I want it to some how pull its effective
CID when calling extensions within the phone system. Attached are some
screen shots for reference.

Receiving Calls

Dialing Extensions




*Blakelund Priddy*
Network & Systems Engineer
Bryant Public School District
Bryant, Arkansas 72022
p 501-653-5038
f 501-847-5656
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