[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH forgets to send RE-INVITES - Help with Logfile Configuration

Markus von Arx mkvonarx at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 16:39:58 MSD 2014


I have the following problem: our FreeSWITCH instance sometimes "forgets"
to send a SIP RE-INVITE (we use session timers to periodically send
RE-INVITEs on all our SIP channels) which then results in the remote party
dropping the SIP channel by sending a SIP BYE to the FreeSWITCH. By
sometimes I mean that this happens maybe once for several thousands of
RE-INVITEs. I scanned the FreeSWITCH log files but could not find any
reason why the FreeSWITCH did not send these RE-INVITEs. But maybe my
FreeSWITCH logfile configuration is not "good enough" to show the relevant

Does anybody have an idea how to configure the FreeSWITCH logger that would
create more helpful logs that would help me find the cause for the missing

Or any idea why FreeSWITCH forgets the RE-INVITES?

We're using FreeSWITCH 1.4.9 on Windows.

Our default global loglevel ("loglevel" in switch.conf.xml) is set to

My logfile.conf.xml:
<configuration name="logfile.conf" description="File Logging">
<param name="rotate-on-hup" value="true"/>
<profile name="default">
<param name="logfile" value="C:\Logs\FreeSwitch\freeswitch.log"/>
<param name="rollover" value="20971520"/>
<param name="maximum-rotate" value="100"/>
<param name="uuid" value="false" />
<map name="all" value="all"/>

Thanks, Markus
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