[Freeswitch-users] SIP REFER - URI Parameters

Phil Dunks phil.dunks at netdev.co.uk
Fri Feb 28 20:17:30 MSK 2014

Hi Guys

I’m trying to use FS (1.5.8b from last week) as an SBC and load-balancer (using mod_distributor).

It is load balancing between several FS conference nodes.

It’s working a treat, apart from one scenario :

Say conference xyz is already running on conf-node-1.

Next incoming call is sent to conf-node-2, pin is collected, and conference xyz is identified as the required conference.

Conf-node-2 checks presence, and sees the conference is already running on conf-node-1, and does a deflect.

We add some query params to the refer-to URI to tell conf-node-1 not to collect the pin, but put the caller straight into the conference.

e.g <action application="deflect" data=“sip:1234 at;conf=xyz" />

In the REFER I can see the params :

Refer-To: <sip:1234 at;conf=xyz>

But they are not present on the request URI or To header in the INVITE to conf-node-1.

So conf-node-1 requests the PIN again.

Is there any way I can pass this info to the other conference node by using the REFER?

Thanks for your help.


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