[Freeswitch-users] Help with gateway audio

Normando Hall nhall at unixlan.com.ar
Thu Feb 27 20:22:58 MSK 2014

Hello all.

I am triying to use FS (git) with an external gateway. This is the schema:

FS (has public IP over virtual interface eth0:1 - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) -> 
INTERNET -> Router TP-LINK (with ports forwarded to GW) -> HT503 

HT503 has two sip accounts. One for an internal extension (FXS) and one 
for PSTN (FXO).

I can make calls from an internet softphone to FXS and the phone 
attached rings, but when I pecked up I can't hear audio in both 
directions. The same happens when I call FXO to make a PSNT call. The 
PSTN calls is ok but no audio in both directions.

BUT, if I picked up the internal phone attached to FXS and make a call 
to an internal extension o calls to 5000 I hear the IVR and audio flows 
in both directions. Because a rule in HT503 on FXO port, when receive a 
call from PSTN this forwarding to 1015 extension. This works and I hear 
the audio in both directions.

FS in running on a Centos 6 VPS.

Are there a way to debug this? Some lights?

Thank you


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