[Freeswitch-users] NetBSD Status

Brian West brian at freeswitch.org
Wed Feb 26 18:07:45 MSK 2014

	I’ve taken NetBSD as far as I can without some assistance from someone that is more familiar with NetBSD and various build issues that you may encounter. 

Here are some details if someone wishes to take this over the finish line:

Configure detects the SWITCH_SIZE_T_FMT as “d”, It should be “zd” If you manually cane src/include/switch_am_config.h after configure it will compile.

Here are a few of the patches that I’ve tweaked so far not sure if they are all that correct: http://www.bkw.org/netbsd.diff

The presence of AC_FUNC_MALLOC in configure.in breaks malloc on NetBSD and rpl_malloc isn’t defined.

NetBSD also suffers the same as a few other other BSD’s with a broken tgmath.h, thats the change to src/mod/applications/mod_spandsp/mod_spandsp_modem.h

Also —disable-srtp will need to be used until the rest of the issues are resolved properly.  Commit 378caebc9a1b67aa16ac69fc6b48452078ae19f1 solves the issue with disabling srtp.


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