[Freeswitch-users] Call Hanging up on receiving 302 from SIP endpoint

Akhil Chandra achandra at telrouter.com
Sat Feb 22 00:07:10 MSK 2014

Hello everyone,

Looks like I have a strange problem at hand.

A SIP user/ extension has forwarded his phone to his mobile number.

1. When another user( ie extension) calls the SIP user, the call is
forwarded to forwarded number after getting 302 redirect.

2. However, if I call from PSTN into the SIP user, the call hangs up after
getting the 302 message.

Not sure whats going on. I have the  <param name="manual-redirect"
value="true"/> in the SIP profile for the extension.
NB: I have 2 profiles, one for extensions and one for SIP trunk. Just
wanted to separate the ports. Nothing else. But the SIP profile for trunk
does not have the manual-redirect set to true.


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