[Freeswitch-users] Polycom not sending INVITE

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Wed Feb 19 18:26:26 MSK 2014

never seen this before.  Try cranking the logs way up on the polycom.  Also, what phone model and firmware?

On Feb 19, 2014, at 7:58 AM, Gabriel Gunderson <gabe at gundy.org> wrote:

> Esteemed FreeSWICH hackers,
> I'm coming to you as I know you all have buckets of experience with
> Polycom and I'm more likely to find clueful people here than anywhere
> else :)
> We've had a few users complain that nothing happens when they place
> calls. They hit 'dial'... there's silence... then beeping that lets
> them know the call failed.
> Naturally, we started pulling SIP traces thinking the problem was on
> the server side, but we quickly discovered there was NO SIP traffic.
> We then assumed networking. Well, we traced it all the way back to the
> LAN where where the phone resides. We're not even seeing Polycom
> attempt to send an INVITE from behind the firewall. I haven't gone so
> far as to put a hub directly in front of the phone, but I'm reasonably
> sure that the INVITE never hits the wire.
> For completeness I'm including our Polycom digit matching.
> <digitmap
> dialplan.digitmap="911|011xxx.T|[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|[2-9]xxxxxxT|xxxT|xxxxT"
> dialplan.digitmap.timeOut="1|4|3|3|3|3|3"
> />
> The phone registers and stays registered the whole time. I also have
> FreeSWITCH sending OPTIONS message every 30 secs or so.
> Keep in mind that it works 90% of the time :/
> Has anyone see anything like this before? Thanks for your insights!

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