[Freeswitch-users] park_after_bridge

Dave R. Kompel drk at drkngs.net
Wed Feb 19 05:50:21 MSK 2014

I set it while on a bridge, and it works just fine. In my call control abstraction library, when moving multiple calls to a bridge or joining two bridges it sets it, does a bunch of transfers, and then clears it. Works great!  

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I have tried this scenario and it did not work for me setting park_after_bridge while in a bridge. It seems to accept only the value that was set before the bridge. That's only my personal experience as I was trying to fix some issues with this as well.  

Ali Pey  


On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 12:19 PM, Alex Lake <alex at digitalmail.com> wrote:
  I have a query relating to the "park_after_bridge" channel variable:

Firstly, I find the definition in the wiki a little vague - could do
with an example (which I will provide once I'm sure I understand what
it's supposed to do)

If on an a-leg, I initiate a b-leg by executing bridge with
park_after_bridge=true, the idea is that the a-leg could terminate and
the b-leg stays connected.

How about if I initiate a b-leg without park_after_bridge, but then
while the calls are connected, set park_after_bridge=true (a b-leg
channel variable) then when a-leg terminates, will b-leg still be parked?

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