[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch Week in Review(Master Branch) Feb 2nd through Feb 8th

Kathleen King kathleen.king at quentustech.com
Tue Feb 11 05:51:25 MSK 2014

This past week was productive for the Freeswitch master branch with many
new changes and bug fixes. On the packaging front, .zip joined tar.xz in
the default source release archives. Located here: 

In terms of stability there were several use cases that were fixed:
--Fixed mod_lua crashes related to build symbols introduced during
upgrade from lua 5.1 to lua 5.2
--Fixed a crash in mod_conference related to whisper tones
--Fixed a crash in mod_shell_stream
--Fixed a crash involving T-38 in mod_sofia when the call in bridged
between TDM and SIP

Several new features were added:
– New command 'gethost' allows for a DNS lookup from the Freeswitch console
--Added bypass-media-after-hold to complement the existing parameter
resume-media-on-hold with more information located at:
--Added capability to record conference with a single participant
--Added support for Sofia to configure accepted TLS versions and enabled
support for perfect forward secrecy.
--Expanded Sofia profile status to include websockets

Improvements in cross platform build supports:
--Spandsp improvements for BSD
--Some initial build fixes for Ubuntu 14.04
--Fixing some compiler optimization snafus

Feedback welcome. The referenced commits are in the attached text file.

Kathleen King
Quentus Technologies, INC
kathleen.king at quentustech.com

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e886cd3 small tweak to generate other source archive types
	--added .zip options for archive types

5228e02 FS-5544 after going over this with a fine tooth comb, all I could find was some issues behind asymmetrical nat.  If there is a real problem here, post the flipping logs I asked for days ago.......
	--Work related to FS-5544 Google voice in certain asymmetrical NAT scenarios having no audio. 
8690375 FS-6192 --resolve
	--Added string format argument to switch_event_add_body. Thanks for the patch, Scott Gaitskell.
3fae719 Update in-config docs
	--Added in-config docs for new sofia TLS configuration settings.

4021b5c try to avoid compiler optimization snafu
b6270f4 FS-6030: --resolve fix variable scoping issue for more aggressive optimizer
	--fixing a compiler compilation issue
3c55a90 ESL-66
	--Fixed rubymod build error.
a61edbd Removed a couple of unused variables
4fa68fc A change to /libs/spandsp/src/alloc.c which hopefully improves BSD compatibility	
b2cca97 Second attempt to fix the use of aligned_alloc with BSD
	--Changes made to BSD to improve compatibility. 

b65d2a9 FS-5396 --resolve add gethost function to call gethostbyname as desired
	--FS-5396 add function to call gethostbyname
3ecb504 FS-6186 --resolve
8fa385b Make bypass-media-after-hold a media-option
8a7a2d9 Fix typo from commit 3ecb504fd
5e8fe32 Move documentation to correct place
	--FS-6186 patch accepted add bypass-media-after-hold. Allows for resuming bypass-media once call is resumed. Thanks for the patch, Matteo Brancaleoni.
29d4e7e FS-6181 --resolve
f0e38b6 FS-6181 --resolve
fd0d91c FS-6092 --resolve mod_rayo - mixer with single call can be recorded
	--Adjusted capabilities to record a conference with a single participant.
e3b353e Allow setting enabled TLS versions in Sofia-SIP
8c2c464 Support setting enabled TLS versions in mod_sofia
c0101e2 Allow setting TLS cipher suites through Sofia-SIP API
57abca1 Support setting TLS cipher suites in mod_sofia
d4a1374 Default to TLSv1 through TLSv1.2 if unspecified
a96eefe Add support for EECDH to Sofia-SIP
f2d544d Rebuild sofia
	--Added support for EECDH in Sofia which provides perfect forward secrecy.
	--Added support to allow configuration of supported TLS versions and cipher suites in Sofia and mod_sofia.
900db14 FS-6203 --resolve
	--Expanded status information to include websockets. Thanks for the patch, Antonio.

1f2b632 FS-5999: set visibility on lua symbols that are supposed to be exported
6dca277 fix compiler error with last commit
	--Fix mod_lua crash related to build symbols
ee60781 FS-6189: this should put -lz in the right place.
	--Initial build fixes for Ubuntu 14.04
795718c FS-6191 --resolve
	--Fixed a crash in mod_conference related to whisper tones.
4c068c6 FS-6197 --resolve the line numbers in the trace do not match the version you reported make sure you know what version you are using
0539cc1 FS-6202 --resolve
	--Fixed crash involving T-38 on SIP<->TDM in endpoints/mod_sofia. Thanks for the patch, Matteo Brancaleoni.

6f52c54 FS-5994 --resolve -- tips appreciated
	--Optimization of switch_scheduler.

a121665 FS-6190 --resolve slightly modified, please test
	--Fixed a use case with multi-tenant presence. Thanks for the patch, Mark L.
84f2199 mod_rayo: fix message->call input validation 
03c723c FS-6195 --resolve
	--Fixed an RTCP passthru error.
67d2503 FS-6198 --resolve
	--Fixed a crash in formats/mod_shell_stream.
f482463 mod_rayo: fix segfault in prompt component
	--Fixed mod_rayo crash.

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