[Freeswitch-users] sip_history_info value

Giuseppe Cardone g.cardone at unidata.it
Wed Feb 5 15:35:55 MSK 2014


I have FS 1.2.14 running and I'm testing it's behaviour in call forwarding scenarios.

I'd like to include the SIP History-Info-Header as per RFC 4244 in forwarded calls, 
so I guess the sip_history_info channel variable should hold this data.

However, when I show its contents in the fs_cli debugs by using the log action in the
relevant part of the dialplan with:

<action application="log" data="LOG SIP History info is '${sip_history_info}'"/>

it appears to be empty:

[DEBUG] mod_dptools.c:1595 Says SIP History info is ''

Any clues as to how this variable should be used ?

Thanks in advance,

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