[Freeswitch-users] Strange problem with recordings

Alex Lake alex at digitalmail.com
Thu Aug 28 19:06:29 MSD 2014

It's early days on this issue, but I had a report of a problem with one 
of our freeswitch installations (version 

This host is not particularly busy. I had 4 calls with about 10-30 mins 
in between. I was recording the calls

The problem was that although the .wav files had different lengths, when 
I loaded them into a WAV editor (GoldWave in my case) they all sounded 
the same! It was as though all the calls had been correctly recorded, 
but at the end of recording, a chunk of sound with an EOF code had been 
overlaid at the front of the file in such a way that the end of the file 
was never rendered, even though it's actually there.

I don't know enough about WAV encoding to see if it really is there - 
are there any "forensic" WAV tools that might help?

And I suppose I am also asking if anyone else has ever seen anything 
like this?

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