[Freeswitch-users] SIP Trunk registration issues.

Siddhardha Garige siddu999 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 01:44:32 MSD 2014

Hello all,

New to Freeswith and I am working on setting up a sip trunk to register freeswith to external service provider.
Follwoing sequences are happening in order.
1. Freeswith sends REGISTER to external Registrar. (Expire=360)

2. Registrar responds with 200OK. (expries=360)
3. After few seconds, Freeswitch sends REGISTER with Expries=0 and unregisters.

Looks like Timer K is expiring. After successful 200 OK why expring timer K triggers an UnRegister?
nta.c:9099 outgoing_timer_dk() nta: timer K fired, terminate REGISTER (64250994)
Any help is much appreciated.


I enabled sofia debug and here is the log
2014-08-27 17:15:16.842412 [NOTICE] sofia_reg.c:423 Registering Inphonex
nua.c:622 nua_register() nua: nua_register: entering
nua_stack.c:529 nua_signal() nua(0xb6518d28): sent signal r_register
nua_stack.c:569 nua_stack_signal() nua(0xb6518d28): recv signal r_register
nua_params.c:480 nua_stack_set_params() nua: nua_stack_set_params: entering
soa.c:280 soa_clone() soa_clone(static::0xb6100d80, 0xb61008f8, 0xb6518d28) called
soa.c:403 soa_set_params() soa_set_params(static::0xb6114780, ...) called
soa.c:403 soa_set_params() soa_set_params(static::0xb6114780, ...) called
nua_dialog.c:338 nua_dialog_usage_add() nua(0xb6518d28): adding register usage
nta.c:4415 nta_leg_tcreate() nta_leg_tcreate(0xb612b810)
nta.c:2665 nta_tpn_by_url() nta: selecting scheme sip
tport.c:3257 tport_tsend() tport_tsend(0xb61023d8) tpn = udp/
tport.c:4046 tport_resolve() tport_resolve addrinfo =
tport.c:4680 tport_by_addrinfo() tport_by_addrinfo(0xb61023d8): not found by name udp/
tport.c:3594 tport_vsend() tport_vsend(0xb61023d8): 574 bytes of 574 to udp/
tport.c:3492 tport_send_msg() tport_vsend returned 574
nta.c:8302 outgoing_send() nta: sent REGISTER (64250994) to udp/
tport.c:4160 tport_pend() tport_pend(0xb61023d8): pending 0xb6127c50 for udp/ (already 0)
nta.c:1350 set_timeout() nta: timer set to 32000 ms
nta.c:1348 set_timeout() nta: timer shortened to 1000 ms
tport.c:2749 tport_wakeup_pri() tport_wakeup_pri(0xb61023d8): events IN
tport.c:2864 tport_recv_event() tport_recv_event(0xb61023d8)
tport.c:3205 tport_recv_iovec() tport_recv_iovec(0xb61023d8) msg 0xb6153848 from (udp/ has 435 bytes, veclen = 1
tport.c:3023 tport_deliver() tport_deliver(0xb61023d8): msg 0xb6153848 (435 bytes) from udp/ next=(nil)
nta.c:3297 agent_recv_response() nta: received 200 OK for REGISTER (64250994)
nta.c:3364 agent_recv_response() nta: 200 OK is going to a transaction
nta.c:9562 outgoing_estimate_delay() nta_outgoing: RTT is 3.65 ms
tport.c:4222 tport_release() tport_release(0xb61023d8): 0xb6127c50 by 0xb612cac0 with 0xb6153848
nua_dialog.c:564 nua_dialog_usage_set_refresh_range() nua(): refresh register after 259 seconds (in [90..270])
nua_stack.c:271 nua_stack_event() nua(0xb6518d28): event r_register 200 OK
nua_stack.c:359 nua_application_event() nua: nua_application_event: entering
nua.c:366 nua_handle_magic() nua: nua_handle_magic: entering
nua.c:366 nua_handle_magic() nua: nua_handle_magic: entering
nta.c:1296 agent_timer() nta: timer set next to 4003 ms
nta.c:9099 outgoing_timer_dk() nta: timer K fired, terminate REGISTER (64250994)
nta.c:8797 outgoing_reclaim_queued() outgoing_reclaim_all((nil), (nil), 0xb570f1cc)
nta.c:8927 _nta_outgoing_timer() nta_outgoing_timer: 0/0 resent, 0/0 tout, 1/1 term, 1/1 free
nta.c:1289 agent_timer() nta: timer not set
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