[Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch won't start up after crash

Chris Martineau chris at ghosttelecom.com
Wed Aug 27 15:12:36 MSD 2014


Experimenting with trying to get nibblebill working with conference and caused a Floating point exception (core dumped). Ever since I cannot now start up freeswitch and only get the following errors.

I have no core database active only that required for nibblebill.

2014-08-27 10:56:00.240055 [INFO] switch_event.c:669 Activate Eventing Engine.
2014-08-27 10:56:00.240290 [WARNING] switch_event.c:651 Create additional event dispatch thread 0
2014-08-27 10:56:00.271503 [INFO] switch_nat.c:419 Scanning for NAT
2014-08-27 10:56:00.271654 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:169 Checking for PMP 1/5
2014-08-27 10:56:00.521437 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:169 Checking for PMP 2/5
2014-08-27 10:56:00.522435 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:169 Checking for PMP 3/5
2014-08-27 10:56:01.022429 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:169 Checking for PMP 4/5
2014-08-27 10:56:02.022380 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:169 Checking for PMP 5/5
2014-08-27 10:56:04.022277 [ERR] switch_nat.c:200 Error checking for PMP [general error]
2014-08-27 10:56:04.022309 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:424 Checking for UPnP
2014-08-27 10:56:16.022732 [INFO] switch_nat.c:440 No PMP or UPnP NAT devices detected!
2014-08-27 10:56:16.024856 [ERR] switch_core_db.c:108 SQL ERR [malformed database schema (uuindex2) - no such table: main.channels]
2014-08-27 10:56:16.024882 [ERR] switch_core_db.c:223 SQL ERR [malformed database schema (uuindex2) - no such table: main.channels]
2014-08-27 10:56:16.024927 [CRIT] switch_core_sqldb.c:507 Failure to connect to CORE_DB core!
2014-08-27 10:56:16.024956 [ERR] switch_core_sqldb.c:3321 Error Opening DB!
Cannot Initialize [Error activating database]

Any ideas what is going wrong as there is no database main?

Obviously something has corrupted but what?

Any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated.


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