[Freeswitch-users] Cisco SX-20 video conferencing

Norman Laidla norman.laidla at telegrupp.ee
Tue Aug 26 12:37:13 MSD 2014


I tried sending this to the video mailing list, but after three failed deliveries, I figure that's a dead-end.

Our office is setting up a video conferencing system and I've been tasked with making it work through FreeSWITCH. The end-point we're using is a Cisco Telepresence SX-20 (http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collaboration-endpoints/telepresence-sx20-quick-set/index.html) unit.

Currently, the test setup looks like this: a laptop running Zoiper, the SX-20 and a Debian server running FS, all on a LAN. Both end-points are registered on the internal profile. During calls, the audio stream works without a hitch, but the video is more problematic. There's basically no video. Setting FS to proxy media mode and enabling the proxy codecs lets audio pass, but no video at all. Setting FS to bypass mode is only marginally better: there's certainly a video stream, but it's corrupted beyond usefulness and only works from Zoiper to SX-20.

I've run Wireshark and in proxy mode, h.263 packets move only from Zoiper to FS with nothing coming from FS to Zoiper; whereas in bypass mode, there is a stream of packets going from the SX-20 to Zoiper, but there's no image.
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