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Darcy Primrose fs at voice2net.ca
Mon Aug 25 23:10:38 MSD 2014

I want to reword this question.  We run freeswitch in the multi tennant mode,  ie, seperate domains using the internal profile.  We use the park buttons on the phones to hold and transfer calls.  When we place a call on hold, or when we park a call we get local_stream://moh for example.  I would like to be able to provide seperate moh for different domains.  If we use a remote moh server, it works for the phones but does not work for the park.  Is there any way, perhaps using different profiles, to provide unique moh to different tennants.

Darcy Primrose
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  I’d replace the MOH music in the sounds dir with your custom ones and then reload mod_local_stream.


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  I am trying to implement  

<action application="set" data="hold_music=/sounds/holdmusic.wav" />But I cannot get the freeswitch to stop playing local_stream.


  Any Ideas?


  Darcy Primrose



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