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Nick Zaitsev nick.zaitsev at mail.ru
Wed Aug 20 22:51:36 MSD 2014

Yes,the first condition is mathcing.

From: Steven Ayre 
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Subject: Re: [Freeswitch-users] Freeswitch dialplan issue

Is the first condition matching?

On 20 August 2014 13:20, Nick Zaitsev <nick.zaitsev at mail.ru> wrote:

  Good day to you.
  I have strange issue.
  I would like to set the ext in dialplan in that way:
  if there is local registered ext in freeswitch fs should route the call there,else route the call outside, i wrote this in dialplan:


  <extension name="fs3_outbound">
  <condition field="destination_number" expression="^([123][012345]\d\d\d)$">
  <action application="set" data="ext=$1"/>
  <action application="set"data="domain_name=${domain}"/>
  <condition field="${sofia_contact(*/${ext}@${domain_name})}" expression="error/user_not_registered">
  <action application="bridge" data="sofia/internal/${mailto:ext%7D at"/>
  <anti-action application="bridge" data="user/${ext}@${domain_name}"/>

  But it seems,that anti-action is not match at all(
  Thank you for your time,best regards.

  Nick Zaitsev

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