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Subject: SRTP problem on the FS
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Hello, everyone! I'm having trouble with SRTP calls between two internal
extensions. Whenever I configure the phones to require SRTP calls has wrong.
If I select "allow SRTP" so that encryption is not mandatory.
I get only encryption on phone to FS in a call.

Here's an example of what's happening:
 Extension 1003 --- SRTP --> FreeSWITCH -- RTP --> 1004 Extension 1003 <--
RTP ---- FreeSWITCH -- SRTP <-- 1004

Phones are LG-ERICSSON IP-8830E model. These phone is supported Secure RTP.
These phones are configured to support SRTP, which is

FreeSWITCH version is FreeSWITCH-1.2.23.

conf/default.xml is configed.

[image: 본문 이미지 1]

I've setup the sip_secure_media=true variable as instructed from


but it's still not working by SRTP. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
세상은 아름답다.

세상은 아름답다.
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