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Trever L. Adams trever at middleearth.sapphiresunday.org
Thu Aug 14 21:18:10 MSD 2014

On 08/11/2014 11:45 AM, Michael Jerris wrote:
> Very cool.  Keep us in the loop on status on this.

I have reset the repository for various reasons. Anyone trying to use it
will need to completely destroy their copy and start over. I am sorry
for this. Hopefully it won't need to happen again.

Click to dial now exists and works from most places (customers,
employees, applicants, and events). Open calling partner now works under

The updating of caller id name is mostly done. I just need to decide how
to do this. There are a few methods that I can choose, but I am not sure
which design is best.

The automatic pop-ups on calls is mostly done. I am having trouble with
the web_notification, web_action_request modules. I cannot even get the
example tests to work. I haven't yet figured out why.

So, if I can figure out the web_* stuff and decide on the design for the
caller id name updating (right now I have a wsgi script that is 99%
done, but I am not sure this is who I want to do it.... the other way is
to turn it into a ESL program that runs on the server and does the
xml-rpc to the OpenERP/Odoo server), then I believe it will be feature
complete. Then it will just be clean up, maintenance and feature requests.

Any input on any of this is greatly welcome.

Oh, in the FreeSWITCH Servers settings, the AMI login is not used, I
haven't removed it yet. The AMI password is your FS mod_event_socket
port password.

Best wishes to all,

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