[Freeswitch-users] SIP Response

Pasha pasha at prosperity4ever.com
Sun Aug 10 01:18:03 MSD 2014

Hi guys,

Have a minor issue. I have multiple freeswitch boxes that handle 
different DIDs, my vendor only allows me to have 1 binding per IP, so I 
do some NATing to get around that.

I ran in to a simple issue, that I just don't know how to implement, 
quite sure it's possible though.

My provider expects 404 sip response if the DID isn't served by the PBX 
it's trying (it tries all my binding in order, until one succeeds).

Issue I'm having is that the DID I'm trying to configure is on the 
second binding in the order of my provider, but my first binding (first 
PBX) returns I believe a 503, or party did not respond, how would I get 
freeswitch to return 404 if the DID being sent to it is not hosted there?

Thanks for your help.

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