[Freeswitch-users] mod_conf : play tmp/uuid.wav!userleft on member exit.

Stephen Dame sdame at 207me.com
Sat Aug 9 05:42:20 MSD 2014

I've successfully been able to modify dialplan to prompt caller for name,
record it and announce in conference per wiki. solution works great. Adding
a few lines of code makes sure they can only enter existing conferences.

Now that I have their name in temp wav file, trying to decide best approach
to play  name!" is leaving conference" into conference when they leave.

Before heading down a path. Wanted to seek some advice on some possible

1)      Thought I may be able to set exit  sound in conf profile with UUID
but not sure variables are expanded at run time.

2)      The other approach is to monitor ESL conference events and play back
the UUID file when its detected that they have left (separate process)

3)      Modify source of mod_conf to hardcode playing of /tmp/uuid when
member leaves only if the file exists.

Is there an easier way I'm missing?







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