[Freeswitch-users] Unable to play audio on inbound call after uuid_broadcast bridge

Douglas Lopes Pereira douglaslopespereira at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 17:14:39 MSD 2014


please, consider the scenario:

We have a call management gateway connected to a Freeswitch (1.4.7-1~64bit)
box. When we get a call from +15301111234 we receive a CHANNEL_CREATE event
we answer it with something like:

uuid_answer 2edbc62c-1ef9-11e4-8e8e-0f7c1a2ea61

On the gateway we create an outgoing call to +15301115678 and also bridge
the previously received call with this new call created using a broadcast
command (since we still don't have the new call switchID):

uid_broadcast 2edbc62c-1ef9-11e4-8e8e-0f7c1a2ea61c
15301115678 at

On the first call I hear ringback tone and the second phone rings. When the
second call is answered both calls are bridged and I have two way audio.

I then tried to play an audio to the first call using:

uuid_broadcast 2edbc62c-1ef9-11e4-8e8e-0f7c1a2ea61c
http://myserver/audio.mp3 aleg

I does NOT work. I simply get this debug message:

[DEBUG] switch_core_session.c:1133 Send signal sofia/internal/+
15301111234 at [BREAK]

If I try playing the audio on bleg it works:

[DEBUG] switch_ivr_play_say.c:1693 done playing file

I also works if I use the second call callId pointing to the aleg but fails
if I use the second callID pointing to bleg.

Am I doing something wrong or could we have a bug on Freeswitch?

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