[Freeswitch-users] 答复: esl api issues

leonhe leon.he at msn.com
Fri Aug 8 10:09:17 MSD 2014

I’ll answer this myself:


When esl_mutex_t  is created in esl_mutex_create(), attribution

This attribution allows mutex is locked for several times without unlock in
the same thread.

So there is no dead lock issue for esl_execute()


But I still meet another dead lock between main thread (sending ESL cmd) and
ESL event process thread, is there any constrain for esl interface usages in
*INBOUND* mode under multi-thread?





When I read the implementation of the code,  is there any possibility to
dead lock as following?


    +-->esl_send_recv /esl_send_recv_timed(_handle, _cmd, 0)

         +--> esl_mutex_lock(handle->mutex);        <<<<< lock for 1st time

                +--> esl_recv_event_timed(handle, ms, 0, &handle

                     +--> esl_recv_event()

                         +----> esl_mutex_lock(handle->mutex);  <<<<<< lock
for 2nd time, but preview one is not unlock



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