[Freeswitch-users] I'm come from Asterisk I need help to start

matanya cohen matanya at 012.net.il
Fri Aug 1 15:11:12 MSD 2014

I install 1.15.12b Windows version, and I not find out how start, I have
many question after I read books and articles:


1.       The Windows ver is intended for Production, or only for test? It's
tested on real system?

2.       FS_cli not show enough lines on console. I not try connect by
putty: : 8021 and bot connect?

3.       I try register X-lite with: user:1000 pass:222 domain:
after I Edit C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeSWITCH\conf\directory\default\
1000.xml  to: <param name="password" value="222"/>, and reload it by F6. The
error is: 401 unauthorized, I not see on log file any line about trying

4.       I not see any forum on the internet to ask my problems






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