[Freeswitch-users] call-id or from variable?

Robert Hadley robert.hadley at teotech.com
Sat Jul 27 03:40:18 MSD 2013

In dialplan for FS-Box1 routing out to trunk try adding:
        <action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_number=${caller_id_number}"/>
        <action application="set" data="effective_caller_id_name=${caller_id_name}"/>

Good Luck,

From: Paul [mailto:pasha at prosperity4ever.com]
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Subject: [Freeswitch-users] call-id or from variable?

Hi guys,

I'm sure this is an easy one for an experienced freeswitch user.

I have the following scenario for outgoing calls:

FS-Box2 --> FS-Box1 --> SIP Provider

Currently my call ID is always set to the username/pilot # of the gateway parameter on the FS-Box1 which sets up the trunk to the sip provider.

Question is, how do I pass the proper call-id number that's set on FS-Box2 through Box 1 and then out to the world?

I have FS-Box2 registering to FS-Box1 as a user (in conf/directory/default/DIDNUM) in there I have tried to set:

<param name="from-user" value="DID_NUM"/> (not literally DID_NUM)
variable name="effective_caller_id_name"

even tried "outbound _from" value="DID_NUM"

no success :) if anyone can see my folly I would be appreciative!


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