[Freeswitch-users] Can't call from Firefox 22 to Freeswitch using sipml5

Gustavo Salazar guga.salazar.loor at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 05:00:46 MSD 2013


I want to make calls using sipml5 and freeswitch. I have installed
freeswitch from the git repository in an ec2 instance with elastic ip
address, configured sip_profiles/internal.xml with the EIP and here the

Using Google Chrome and the sipml5 client I register as user 1001 with
password 1234 , I dial 5000 and I hear the IVR voice, also I can join to a
conference I created, and hear myself in an echo test dialing 9196. No
problem with that.

Using Firefox 22 and the same sipml5 client I register as user 1002 and
password 1234,  then dial 5000, I see the audio files are played in the
freeswitch cli but I can not hear anything.

I guess the problem is not in my sipml5 client neither Firefox because when
I use them to register to  webrtc.freeswitch.org there is not any problem,
I hear the voice after dialing 5000.

I think I am missing some configuration in my Freeswitch server, where I
also loaded the opus module and set OPUS in the file vars.xml , in the
parameters global_codec_prefs and outbound_codec_prefs.

I attach the console output from Freeswitch and the console output from

Here the freeswitch output

Here the Firefox console output

Thanks in advance for the help

Gustavo Salazar
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