[Freeswitch-users] Sending NOTIFY using sendevent / ESL

Martyn Davies martyn at magiccow.co.uk
Wed Jul 24 13:58:42 MSD 2013

Here's an example of the messages I get when I issue the sendevent command.
Nothing happens on the SIP session.

"Command": "sendevent NOTIFY",
"profile": "external",
"content-type": "application/simple-message-summary",
"event-string": "check-sync",
"user": "447700900...",
"host": "sip.d…………com",
"content-length": "2",
"Event-UUID": "355b411b-4a7f-43ad-9b17-3a2f2835c4e7",
"Event-Name": "NOTIFY",
"Core-UUID": "e97dd287-7ae3-4099-8119-f36ec097ca5d",
"FreeSWITCH-Hostname": "spare3",
"FreeSWITCH-Switchname": "spare3",
"FreeSWITCH-IPv4": "83………….",
"FreeSWITCH-IPv6": "::1",
"Event-Date-Local": "2013-07-24 09:32:50",
"Event-Date-GMT": "Wed, 24 Jul 2013 09:32:50 GMT",
"Event-Date-Timestamp": "1374658370308320",
"Event-Calling-File": "mod_event_socket.c",
"Event-Calling-Function": "parse_command",
"Event-Calling-Line-Number": "2139",
"Event-Sequence": "9710",
"Content-Length": "2",
"_body": "OK"

By the way, looking at Wireshark I see that Blink subscribes to
and receives 202 from FS.  Occasionally FS sends a message waiting update,
so I can see that the notification system is somewhat working.

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