[Freeswitch-users] Record write part of all legs in a bridge call

Doron Kruh doron at lexifone.com
Tue Jul 23 23:49:59 MSD 2013


I am trying to perform a record of all legs in a bridge call(and maybe in
the future conference of n users) .
It is important to keep the audio quality of the audio  as  good as
possible (8khz for non HD and 16 khz for HD).
To be more precise , I am interesting in recording only the WRITE channel
of each leg (the READ channel is not important for my purposes).
Currently, the only solution I was able to find was using record_session
with STEREO option on the incoming UUID .
Although I got the bleg audio available on the read channel , I also got
all the audio I played to the bridge call on the same channel.
The best solution will be to perform a record for each call leg which will
record only the WRITE channel (based on the terminology defined in
the record_session API)  - is there currently any way to achieve that?

Best regards,


Doron Kruh,
Senior Developer
Lexifone , Hapalyam 7 Haifa.
Mobile: 972-52-3823361
Office:   972-4-9126792
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