[Freeswitch-users] Voice to email

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Mon Jul 22 01:13:07 MSD 2013

I see the voicemail app - but I want to do something much simpler and reading through the books and 
docs there seems to be several ways to approach this.

All I want to do is set up an extension to send unanswered calls to it will:

- Play a recording (please leave a message.. etc)

- Record the message

- hangup

- then email the message and not leave it behind in a voicemail box.

I can figure out the details, but my question is the BEST way to do this - a script or messing with 
the voicemail app?

(IMO this is a much better way to handle voice-mail - you check for messages at the same time you 
check your email - and listening to voicemail in vlc is much better than over a phone - you can 
scrub back to figure out the number/address etc.. You can forward the message via email if you need 

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