[Freeswitch-users] Limiting available codecs in bypass media mode

Victor Chukalovskiy victor.chukalovskiy at gmail.com
Thu Jul 11 22:52:04 MSD 2013

I had a similar problem where I needed to filter inbound INVITEs based 
on the codec while keeping the call in bypass media mode. Here is what I 

In SIP profile:
<param name="inbound-codec-prefs" value="PCMU"/>
<param name="outbound-codec-prefs" value="PCMU"/>
<param name="inbound-late-negotiation" value="false"/> - this is default 
behavior anyway
<action application="set" data="bypass_media=false"/>

In the dialplan:
<action application="set" data="bypass_media=true"/>

I understand that what you want is a bit different. I believe that in 
addition to the above,  you can explicitly indicate PCMU in the outbound 

On 13-07-11 02:12 PM, Phil Quesinberry wrote:
> Limiting available codecs in bypass media mode
> I'm wondering what the best way is to limit the available codecs when 
> making outboundbypass-media calls to the PSTN.  The scenario is as 
> follows:
> Extension phones have HD codecsincluding G722enabled for the best 
> audio quality between extensionsfor internal calls.  When an outbound 
> call is madeto the PSTN, the first-choice wholesale provider we 
> useoffers (and seems to prefer) G722.  We'd rather ensure that G711 is 
> used instead. Despite the fact that G722 is notenabled for any of the 
> codec prefs (I grep'edthe entire conf dir pathto be sure), FS still 
> passes along the offer of G722 from the endpoint, presumably sinceit's 
> operating in bypass-media mode.
> Is there asetting to limit the codecs despitehavingbypass mediaset?  
> Could wework around this bygetting rid ofthe globalbypass 
> mediasettingand then settingbypass-mediabefore bridging the call?
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