[Freeswitch-users] how to configure pin for use in gsmopen ?

Luis Azedo luis.azedo at factorlusitano.com
Thu Jul 11 17:40:07 MSD 2013

Hi Giovanni,

it works great!
tried in windows and linux (linux guest on windows virtualbox host with usb
in windows is very to configure since you can check which ports are used in
device manager.
in linux is more try and error , when we connect the usb it creates 3
ttyUSB* devices.


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> Hello Luis,
> seems your mod_gsmopen cannot open the ttyUSB ports.
> This can be because those ports are not accessible from the user
> FreeSWITCH is running as. Try to run FreeSWITCH as root, and see if it
> works, or chmod the ttyUSB* to be rw for FreeSWITCH's user.
> Or, it can be because those ports are not in a usable state, because
> were not initialized by Linux. Dongles have a complex machinery
> bringing them from a USB-disk state to a USB-modem state.
> I believe you must at least install usb_modeswitch, and all the udev
> machinery. I'm not sure those are installed in a minimal centos
> installation.
> So, install the usb_modeswitch package and all related stuff (eg:
> udev, etc). Or, you can try to compile usb_modeswitch and use it at
> boot in an /etc/rc.local. usb_modeswitch very useful site is:
> http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/
> Good luck, and let us know.
> -giovanni
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