[Freeswitch-users] How to calculate server requirements for Freeswitch.

Jeff Leung jleung at v10networks.ca
Thu Jul 11 05:49:49 MSD 2013

Time after time, people always ask "How do I calculate how much horsepower I
need for FreeSWITCH". 


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It was a load test with sipp... The scenario was sipp generated calls into
freeswitch with its media reflector turned off, freeswitch answered the
calls and played back a static audio file... Call duration was 30 seconds at
which time the calls were hung up, sipp was set to originate 1000

Now, that being said only a moron would put 30K concurrent calls on a single
x86(_64) server imho... If that server were to be down its costing
$18,000/hour (assuming revenue of $0.01/minute). And you know Murphy's Law
dictates you would probably be down a few hours a month... Its just smarter
(and probably cheaper) to deploy 15 to 20 boxes and have a single node
failure not affect over all max call handling capacity

On 7/10/13 7:20 PM, "Vincent Xia" <gmangudai at gmail.com> wrote:

30000? that's incrediable, is FS able to handle that amount of threads in a
single process?
what about the call loss rate while running 30k concurrent calls?

2013/7/11 Ken Rice <krice at freeswitch.org>

You're going to have to load test it in your specific configuration and go
from there... Things like number of calls that have to get transcoded,
amount of call recording, etc etc will greatly affect the number of calls
you are going to get... Unfortunately there is no general rule of thumb,
however, I can tell you to scale that large you are going to need a number
of servers not just one large one... You're talking 60 to 80,000 call legs
there. The most single leg calls I have ever seen on a box is 30K, and then
it was just playing back a media file, and it was a very large box... 


On 7/10/13 6:09 PM, "Mahendra Bhegade" <bhegades at gmail.com
<http://bhegades@gmail.com> > wrote:

Hi All,

I plan to use Freeswitch and would have 20,000 conference calls with about
3-4 person in each of the conference. Some of them would record their
conference calls,

How do I go about calculating the server resource needs.

What are all the factors that I should be looking at,

Mahendra Bhegade


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