[Freeswitch-users] to run core db in ramdisk for windows

Jeff Leung jleung at v10networks.ca
Sat Jul 6 05:57:59 MSD 2013

File a JIRA on this one. I'm suspecting there's a path parsing bug within
the code.


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i modified 

<param name="core-db-name" value="/dev/shm/core.db" />


<param name="core-db-name" value="g:/db/core.db" />

in switch.conf


to run db in a ramdisk for windows xp, which is assigned with volumn g, but
then FS is not able to boot up,

the console simply closed after printing

2013-07-06 09:24:02.763297 [DEBUG] switch_nat.c:118 No
InternetGatewayDevice, using first entry as default 




it's not the problem of the ramdisk itself cuz i tried <param
name="core-db-name" value="c:/db/core.db" />

and there's the same issue.

so is there any problem for FS to run core db in ramdisk for windows
installation, or am i missed any other configurations?


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