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Julian Pawlowski julian.pawlowski at gmail.com
Tue Feb 26 00:26:02 MSK 2013

Hi Michael,

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 8:41 PM, Michael Collins <msc at freeswitch.org> wrote:

> Thanks for taking the lead on this. Once you get a set of sound files
> ready for production please let me know. I will get them house in our
> freeswitch-sounds git repo so that we can keep track of them and properly
> roll tarballs to put out on files.freeswitch.org.

I wanted to give you an update on this.

It actually became a lot more than just only creating german voice prompts
The repo currently hosted on
https://github.com/jpawlowski/freeswitch-sounds-tts provides capability to
create voice prompts for any language via Google TTS and Bing TTS services.

Although we have lovely Callie for the english people already I found this
useful as there may be people out there wanting to create their own prompts but
wish to mix it with existing ones (which is doable with Callie but it mixes
the voices...).

You may download pre-compiled prompts for german and english here:

Although I gave them version 1.0.1 already I'm not sure if they are ready
to be published on files.freeswitch.org yet, maybe wait for some feedback

Oh and I did some improvements to the english part also, e.g.

- typos in the filename
- adjust long texts with a line break for separate processing (e.g. Google
wants shorter texts)
- identify tones and music files
- remove duplicates (mostly related to the tones)
- (can't remember right now, might be more)

For the tones part: When I was looking through the files it seemed there
was an intention to include tone files for e.g. joining/leaving a
conference. I moved them to a dedicated folder and tried to find some first

Those files will be included into the normal voice path during packaging
(see files mentioned above).
I didn't check if tones are used anywhere in the FS source code already to
adapt the file names yet.

There are also a bunch of administrative scripts included to import/export
files from XML or existing Callie voice. I also have plans to create a new
XML file to update phrase_en.xml and phrase_de.xml in the FS Git repo but
it's not finished yet.

The scripts are not really pretty and mix different kind of programming
languages. However they are working for now, may be consolidation can be
done later :-)
For now I would like to keep the repo for the TTS stuff at my Github
account but surely we can talk about a transfer to the FS servers later.

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