[Freeswitch-users] Nuance Speech Server / Vocalizer MRCPv2 mod_unimrcp simultaneous licenses not releasing quickly enough.

Jason Moran jmoran at secureachsystems.com
Mon Feb 25 22:32:49 MSK 2013

In connecting to Nuance Speech Server's MRCPv2 for text-to-speech
(Nuance Vocalizer) using mod_unimrcp, a single phone call which has
several different TTS phrases should only use up 1 single simultaneous
license. However, I am seeing a call use up 2,3,4 (etc) like it is not
releasing the connection/license.


I looked this up and some forums have noted that Nuance "does things
wrong" and uniMRCP needs to send Nuance the "RTCP BYE" to tell Nuance
that it is done with the synthesizer speech.  But I tried that, and it
still eats up the licenses. Within a couple of calls I'm out of TTS
ports and the calls fail (but they clear again after several more


<!-- enable/disable rtcp support -->

<param name="rtcp" value="1"/>

<!-- rtcp bye policies (rtcp must be enabled first)

     0 - disable rtcp bye

     1 - send rtcp bye at the end of session

     2 - send rtcp bye also at the end of each talkspurt (input)


<param name="rtcp-bye" value="2"/>

<param name="rtcp-tx-interval" value="5000"/>


Ideas? Experience?


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