[Freeswitch-users] Door intercom/gate controller

Mr Nathan Downes nathandownes at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 23 05:32:30 MSK 2013

Hi Michael,


Thanks for the response, it worked in the opposite direction, the gate
controller (OOB) calls phones (Inband) kind of like the door thing on an
apartment block.  Start_dtmf worked if I called the gate controller from the
phones, but not in the other direction which is how it will be used.


It has been resolved as it was discovered the ATA devices inbuilt to the
fibre ONT have an option for OOB DTMF, enabling this on the POTS profile
allowed the device to function.


I am still interested on how I could of got it to work though, is start_dtmf
a one directional app?






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Can you show us the dialplan for sending a call to the gate controller?
Also, pastebin the console debug output for a call to the gate controller
where you press digits but the controller doesn't respond.




On Wed, Feb 13, 2013 at 2:42 AM, Mr Nathan Downes <nathandownes at hotmail.com>

Hi list,


I have a gate controller that only understands RFC 2833 but it calls
endpoints that can only provide inband DTMF, I can't seem to get the digits
recognised by the gate controller to trigger the relay using
start_dtmf_generate, as they are coming back to the a-leg? Rather than out
the b-leg.. It works fine when I call a SPA502g as it will provide RFC
2833.. is there some trickery I can achieve this? Or am I just doing it
wrong?? J

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