[Freeswitch-users] Outbound mod event bug

Stuart Mills stuart.mills3 at btopenworld.com
Thu Feb 21 19:49:00 MSK 2013

Hi All,

I know some of you may not consider this as a bug, especially if things are done in the correct way this would never happen, but please read on and I'll explain the issue as I was a little surprised at how badly FreeSwitch handled this user error, seen as though it’s such a good piece of software.

Basically, a call arrives into Freeswitch and a connection is established to a remote server, then the following relay occurs (in it’s simplest terms) - 

connect sent into Freeswitch
FreeSwitch replies OK
myevents sent into FreeSwitch
FreeSwitch replies OK
answer sent into FreeSwitch
FreeSwitch replies OK
bridge with arguments sent into FreeSwitch
FreeSwitch replies OK

Now, everything is perfect up until here and I'd say that as a call switching platform it’s doing exactly what is being asked of it – however here’s the bit most of you would agree is wrong and isn’t a “real” bug - if you reply again with another bridge, be it by mistake or a deliberate attempt to fool FreeSwitch, the system crashes and causes a core dump.

I can get this to happen every time, no warning, no nothing, just a crash dump and FreeSwitch dies in front of my eyes.

Answers on a postcard please – try not to be too harsh. I am particularly new to FreeSwitch and find it very very good, I was just really surprised to fin a bug that could crash it.

Kind Regards,


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