[Freeswitch-users] Problems with sip provider

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Tue Feb 19 12:22:02 MSK 2013

> Ask them for a list of devices that they support. Once you have that we can
> probably help you figure out how to fool them into thinking that they are
> talking to one of those "supported" devices.

Well, the only "supported" devices are ADSL gateways. For anything else,
they just give this set-up advice that looks pretty normal to me:

SIP number: 020NNNNNNN
Username: 020NNNNNNN
Password: XXXXXXXX
SIP proxy:	sip.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP service location:	sip.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP signaling port:	UDP 5060
SIP register service location:	tel.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP register signaling port:	UDP 5060
SIP domain:	tel.telefoniedienst.nl
URL type coding:	SIP
Registration interval:	6000 seconds
Session expires:	1800 seconds
Reserved RTP port range:	UDP 16384-32767
Codecs:	First negotiated G.729 secondly negotiated G.711 a-law type
DTMF mode:	PCM
Sending INVITE Anonymous:	Not permitted
Echo Cancellation G.168:	In use
Voice Activation Detection:	Not in use
SIP SUBSCRIBES messages:	Not permitted
Early Media acknowledge:	Not in Use

This is what works on the ZyXEL P-2601HN0F1 gateway:

SIP Account: 020NNNNNNN
Username: 020NNNNNNN
Password: XXXXXXXX
Compression Type: G711ALaw, G.729, G.722
SIP Service Provider Name :  telfort
SIP Local Port :  5060
SIP Server Address : sip.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP Server Port :  5060
REGISTER Server Address :  sip.telefoniedienst.nl
REGISTER Server Port :  5060
SIP Service Domain : tel.telefoniedienst.nl   (different than SIP server)
RTP Port Range: 16384-32767
Expiration Duration: 6000 s
Register Re-send timer: 512 s
Session Expires: 1800 s
Min-SE: 1800 s
Enable Early Media: Yes

And this is what I have in my Freeswitch SIP gateway profile:

<gateway name="telfort">
          <param name="username" value="020NNNNNNN"/>
          <param name="auth-username" value="020NNNNNNN"/>
          <param name="from-user" value="020NNNNNNN"/>
          <param name="realm" value="tel.telefoniedienst.nl"/>
          <param name="from-domain" value="tel.telefoniedienst.nl"/>
          <param name="proxy" value="sip.telefoniedienst.nl"/>
          <param name="password" value="XXXXXXXX"/>

It seems like the registration goes through OK, but when I try
calling out, I get

013-02-19 10:00:37.236188 [NOTICE] sofia.c:6385 Hangup sofia/external/0651142219

>  In cases where the provider is so
> totally foolish like this you have two choices:
> * Use their foolishness against them and make them think your FreeSWITCH server
> is really something else

Well, I tried to claim the problem was with the ADSL gateway as well,
and they just kept sending the same setup instructions and advice
to reboot the gateway. Not helpful.

> * Switch providers

I agree, and I am seriously considering it - problem is that their
Internet connection is pretty good and keenly priced, and the
VoIP add-on to that is priced aggressively.


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