[Freeswitch-users] Problems with sip provider

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Sun Feb 17 22:42:23 MSK 2013

> Can you provide SIP trace of the call on FS and ZyXEL? That may provide some
> details of the problem.

On FS, no prob, a bit harder on the ZyXEL, as I don't have access to the
outgoing (ADSL) side of it.

> I remembered a similar problem i faced with an ITSP in Pakistan, and after
> tracing problem for a couple days i found that they were using User Agent filter
> to allow calls only from their "preferred" devices. So, we had to hack that to
> get it working with FS,

Ouch! Nasty! But in the case of telfort.nl, they do support 3rd party
hardware. This is what their guide says for the settings:

SIP proxy:	sip.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP service location:	sip.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP signaling port:	UDP 5060
SIP register service location:	tel.telefoniedienst.nl
SIP register signaling port:	UDP 5060
SIP domain:	tel.telefoniedienst.nl
URL type coding:	SIP
Registration interval:	6000 seconds
Session expires:	1800 seconds
Reserved RTP port range:	UDP 16384-32767
Codecs:	First negotiated G.729 secondly negotiated G.711 a-law type
DTMF mode:	PCM
Sending INVITE Anonymous:	Not permitted
Echo Cancellation G.168:	In use
Voice Activation Detection:	Not in use
SIP SUBSCRIBES messages:	Not permitted
Early Media acknowledge:	Not in Use


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