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David Villasmil david.villasmil.work at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 23:18:07 MSK 2013

I don't think it is possible...
I'm trying to do this in the dialplan:

                <condition field="destination_number" expression="^.*">
                    <action application="set"
data="continue_on_fail=NO_ROUTE_DESTINATION,UNALLOCATED_NUMBER,407" />
                    <action application="set" data="sip_from_user=1001" />
                    <action application="set" data="sip_auth_username=1001"
                    <action application="set" data="sip_req_user=1001" />
                    <action application="set"
data="hangup_after_bridge=true" />
                    <action application="set" data="nibble_rate=0.0500" />
                    <action application="set"
data="nibble_db_table=cards_table" />
                    <action application="set"
data="nibble_db_column_cash=balance" />
                    <action application="set"
data="nibble_db_column_account=pin" />
                    <action application="set" data="nibble_account=12345" />
                    <action application="set"
data="gw=${distributor(TEST_ROUTE)}" />
                    <action application="nibblebill" data="heartbeat 10" />
                    <action application="limit" data="hash $${domain}
$${domain} ${sip_auth_username} 1 !NORMAL_TEMPORARY_FAILURE" />
                    <action application="export"
data="execute_on_answer=nibblebill adjust -0.1000" />
                    <action application="bridge"
data="sofia/gateway/${gw}/0013058883" />

and I still see:

[UPDATE sip_users SET balance=balance-0.010867 WHERE id='12345']

I should note that "sip_users" is the db_table I setup in

Has anyone tried doing this??

I want use use nibblebill to deduct monet from 2 different tables depending
on the context, so I thought I could try setting the db_table,
db_column_cash and db_column_account in the contex...



On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 3:14 PM, David Villasmil <
david.villasmil.work at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello guys,
> Is it possible to use different billing tables for different applications?
> Say i have 2 different context on which i want to use different tables for
> balance.
> Thanks!
> David
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